Adam Devenish
Adam Devenish is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, incorporating themes of mythology, life/death, and transmigration in a magic-realism manner.

His recent works are an attempt to capture a representation of where dreams and reality intersect, exploring imagined worlds that are so removed from what we know and understand to be real, yet still retain a dream-like familiarity & vividness. Backlit, vibrant colours are used as a method to emphasize and burn false memories into the viewers minds, essentially creating a living dream. Dreams often reveal the untapped secrets within us all, and so being able to reference the unknown and unfamiliar to what is natural and recognizable, allows for a relatable and intimate inner dialogue to take place.

Adam graduated from Sheridan School of Craft & Design (SOCAD), studying ceramics under Winn Burke and Bruce Cochrane. Though no longer working in ceramics, his largely photo-based practice is approached with a sculptural methodology, typically incorporating both tactile & tangible elements into each artwork.